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A look to the future.

A look to the future.

I am really starting to feel like the Sixth Hour brand is being recognised by more and more people. Not just in Bristol, England, where I am from, but we are now seeing a lot of interest through the social media pages from all over the world. We now have followers from South America, America, Canada, Australia and Germany to name a few, that regularly “like” our work and comment with their positive feedback.

We are only a small outfit. 2 members of staff make products that are pubished on the website for everybody to cast an eye over. Since we started the company back in the summer of last year, we now have over 50 different products available for purchase. I am very proud of this as this is a part time venture for me and Dave, who makes our pallet windmills, wheelbarrows and bird tables.

We have seen continued success with our pallet football shirts, and have recently been working on some projects for the amatuer teams around the Bristol and Gloucester area. We made this shirt for Iron Acton Football Club, who unfortunately recently lost their Manager following a sudden heart attack.










This shirt will next weekend be displayed in “The Iron” clubhouse for all to see.

Ideas for 2017.

A new idea that we have decided on this year is to give helpful hints and tips via our blog on how you can get the most out of recycled wood. We want to help you to get your projects off the ground, whether it’s something small like a photo frame or something bigger like an outside seating area. Over the next year we will give you ideas that will hopefully inspire you to carry out some projects of your own.

Our first blog post will be hints and tips on how to make a bed frame from 1200×800 Euro Pallets. Blog updates can be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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