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Exclusive to Sixth Hour

Exclusive to Sixth Hour

Many of you will know that I am a very passionate Bristol Rovers supporter. I had a thought one day about combining my love for Bristol Rovers with the love of my work.. and the Bristol Rovers Pallet Shirts were born.

At first I didn’t know what to expect with regards to how people would feel about these. However, when I showed family and friends who watch “The Gas” week in week out, they seemed to think that I was on to something.

I made contact with the new Bristol Rovers owner, Mr Wael Al-Qadi, through Instagram. Wael, along with his family brought the club in Febraury 2016 and since the takeover, Rovers have been on a huge upward spiral. Never before have I, ¬†or any other “Gasheads” had so much confidence and excitement in what the future holds for our beloved football club. Therefore, I thought it would be fitting that the first pallet shirt I ever made, would be a gift to him.

Wael was very quick to respond. I did expect this as he really is a man of the people. Always stopping to talk to and take pictures with fans which is like no other football club owner I am aware of. He asked me to meet him in the Directors box before the game between Bristol Rovers and Gillingham on 15th October (which also happened to be my birthday) which of course I accepted with no hesitation.

On the day, he took the time to talk to me about the club, my new idea and about my prediction for the game (which I guessed a Rovers 2-1 win which turned out to be correct!). He even posed for a picture as I presented the Football Pallet Shirt to him for the Sixth Hour Blog.


A wonderful man who I hope can provide continuing success for Bristol Rovers Football Club both on and off the field. Wael – if you are reading this I hope you like your gift!

Since then, we have had a lot more interest from fans and even players, with star striker Matty Taylor, Rory Gaffney and Midfield duo Ollie Clarke and Chris Lines all on the waiting list for their piece of unique pallet furniture.

If you support a different club, (not limited to football) please contact us as we build to order and I’m sure we can create something to your taste!





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Sixth Hour

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