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External Selling

External Selling

When somebody parts with their hard earned cash to buy something that you have made. That’s got to be one of the best feelings for me. It fills me with reassurance when people actually like and pay for the things you create.

Since starting Sixth Hour I have been slowly but surely adding products to the stock profile. The problem is that as I keep adding to the stock profile, it becomes harder and harder to find somewhere to store them! This means my dining room is currently filling the void.

Another obstacle is that I make a lot more than I sell, which is quite worrying but this is mainly because I make so much. It’s good to keep stock, but because I currently have so much I have decided to look at other ways in which to sell.

Instagram and Facebook as well as the online shop have been my 3 methods of sale, until now..

I have never really entertained the idea of selling at Farmers Markets as I always thought that they were for small companies in the food and beverage industry. Turns out I was wrong. A lot of small arts and crafts companies like Sixth Hour regularly sell at these quirky little stalls and in the summer, we will be no exception.

I have started to mount display units onto pallets in order to show off some of our creations.










We are looking at a few locations in Somerset, where we will parade a lot of our designs. Obviously we will be tight on space, so not everything will be on show but hopefully this will direct some more traffic to the website.

Details of dates can be found on social media closer to the date, so if you are in the area, make sure you pop down and say hello!

Thanks for reading.


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