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Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome to the Sixth Hour blog!

Sixth Hour are a unique crafts based business, that turn drift and reclaimed wood into works of art. On our blog you will find our latest creations and the stories behind them, details of how we sourced our materials and much more.

I think the hardest thing about setting up a business is giving it a name that will catch the eye and imagination. I wrote things down on paper, asked friends if they had any ideas and for weeks nothing really worked. I think it was by fluke that the name came about. I set my alarm clock for 6am every morning, therefore, I wake up at the Sixth Hour. How easy was that?! All the stress of finding the illusive brand name and there it was all along. It was born. I just needed to start making some unique products that people will love.

img_4339So why pallet furniture? I was always pretty creative as a kid. I liked bringing things back to life. Refurbishing them if you like. So fortunately, when I started my job with an Engineering firm in Bristol, England, they had a heap of pallets that they couldn’t shift.


I took 4 to make a bed frame, which turned out to be pretty cool I must say. I sanded the pallets, primed them and the put a beige finish on to compliment my bedroom. It was so cost effective too which was great for me as I was trying to fully furnish a house from scratch.




So here we are 9 months on, we have around 40 products available online. Please take a look and if theres anything you can’t see please visit the contacts page and let us know what it is that you require.

Thanks for reading our first blog post. See you next time.


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