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Making to order

Making to order

Pallet Coffee TableA friend of mine sent me a picture of a coffee table made from pallets that he thought I may be able to make for him.

As you can see from the picture here, it is made up of white pallet blocks and slats, with a varnished finish on the top.

I hadn’t made anything like this before, but thought it would be a nice piece to add to my pallet furniture product portfolio. I used any spare time I had to work on it, which was normally around 1-3 hours per week. I was in no rush to get it finished as Lewis (the client) was still waiting for the keys to his new house. This worked well for me and meant I still had time to work on other projects and orders coming through the website.





I began to identify which pieces of pallet wood I would need to complete the job. I worked out that I would need 12 pallet blocks to make the main structure Luckily a friend of mine had brought too many fence posts for a job he was doing, so I chopped them up to make the blocks that I needed.

Fence Postsimg_4425










I then acquired a few 1.2m europallets at work and removed the slats to form the top of layer one. I painted them white to match the picture that I was working to.

img_4457 img_4462










Once the first layer was glued, fixed and the paint was dry, I moved onto the second layer.

I used 140mm long wood screws and a strong wood glue to fix the pallet blocks to the bottom layer. I then built the same structure on top of the pallet blocks to prepare for the finished top surface.

I am now waiting to find some recycled gravel boards to finish the coffee table. They will then be sanded and coated in a varnish to match the same style and colour of the original picture. I’m sure Lewis will love the new addition to his first home!

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