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Something different.

Something different.

I saw something online the other week and thought that I would give it a go myself.

Making cups out of bottles is a really unique and cool idea but it is incredibly hard to get it right.

Bud-glasses      Corona Bottle

I brought a Kinkajou bottle cutter to assist in taking the heads off some Corona and Budweiser bottles I had collected, but the process was still very difficult. Out of 20 bottles I managed to get about 4 right, which is a pretty bad ratio. The bottles wouldn’t snap off in the right place so I always ended up with a chunk missing out of the cup, making it completely unusable. But as they say, practice makes perfect and I am now slowly but surely starting to make more good ones than bad.

One of the best things about the Budweiser bottles is that more often than not they tend to snap off perfectly, so you get a perfect cut separating the neck from what is now the cup. It turns out that the necks make really abnormal shot glasses, which have so far been one of our best sellers when supplied with a pallet block rack to hold three of them in.

Budweiser Beer      img_3513

There are plenty in stock, so get yours today.

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